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It is no secret that eating healthy gives the human body the energy it needs to perform at its best ability. The food we consume gives energy to every organ in our body not excluding our sexual organs. Vegan and vegetarian diets consist of herbs and plants that improves blood circulation to your brain which in return boost sexual performance and alertness. When we eat animal products that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol we risk potential heart failure which prevents proper blood flow. You want to stay away from a lot  fried foods that can potentially clog your arteries when you do try to use more healthy cooking oils like coconut oil,olive oil, peanut oil, sesame oil. 

 Eat more fruits and leafy greens



Plant based diets  are heavy in zinc and vitamin B, which can bananas, chickpeas and, avocados, in particular, are good for this.  Going vegan may also increase serotonin levels, which can both boost your libido and performance. Blood flow is dependent on nitric oxide production in the body beets,celery,arugula, spinach,lettuce are all high in  nitrates when you eat them they covert to nitric oxide in the body. So in conclusion yes consuming more veggies and fruits will increase you sexual performance. Keep in mind that physical training should be combined with a healthy diet, for better results incorporate aerobic training, weights, jogging, resistance training and lower pelvic area workouts to your daily regiment.









Aaron Cruz
Aaron Cruz

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