About Us

The Honest Plant Protein LLC. is the fastest growing plant based protein company in America. With products ranging from plant based proteins to cook books, as well as work out plans and meal plans we are your one stop shop to get you jump started and bring your body back to its honest form!

Call us optimistic, But we believe humanities best steps forward start with an honest plant based diet. As the world continues to evolve and change around us we as humans need to do the same. Let’s reset the way we think, the way we eat, and the way we treat one another so we can get back to existing the way we were originally created to.

At The Honest Plant Protein Co:
We strive to provide you with better options for your daily nutrition that doesn’t have to come at a cost to others. We can look beyond ourselves, There's more of a responsible way forward.

We believe the path to performance is paved with plants.

We empower the individual to meet their unique goals - on their own terms.

We are impact-driven. Personal performance is just the beginning.

We aim to inspire a movement that encourages health beyond appearance and well being beyond their own being.

It’s just the way good nutrition ought to be.

Beginning with only the best quality and unique formula as well as organic Ingredients, we deliver all our products using minimal and chemical-free processing. Our brand can be trusted to provide an honest product to the market; our product is all-natural, all organic, and plant-based. The results are nutrition-inclusive ingredients that enable our brand to produce clean label products for every customer.

Who Are WE?

We are The Honest Plant Protein Company; we have one goal: to help you power your story with our premium plant-based nutrition that enables you to feel and perform your best. We’ve been working towards that goal since before it was ever trendy, and we always will. Everything we make is a clean and honest plant-based product containing a high-quality blend of organic Plant Ingredients.

The Honest Plant Protein LLC has brought real, plant-based food ingredients together in purposeful combinations to help you get the nutrition your body wants, without compromise. 

Our Vision

A growing community of companies committed to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Those standards include everything we do, from selecting ingredients to choosing our partners. For People and nations, we believe human health depends on the health of our planet and that together we can impact society in a way that’s bigger than our products alone.

Our Mission

At The Honest Plant Protein Co, Our mission is to deliver plant-based product solutions that are best-quality, practical, allergen-friendly, safe, and nutritionally loaded to brands across America. We are dedicated to the business sector and market training plus outstanding customer service, such as through our premiere clients assisting in the formulation. The overall goal is to make a unique formula and organic Ingredients more available for customers to stay healthy and fit.

All this we do while upholding values of unconditional loyalty to consumers and other collaborators, firm respect for life, mutually advantageous cooperation, as well as seeking to be a productive and moral employer and neighbor.

How we work

We partner with suppliers, distributors, retailers, and other agencies to fulfill our mission of providing our country with the best possible supplements. Together we are building efficiencies, introducing ideas, and helping shape the future of the supplement industry for the better!

  • We work closely with a highly influential manufacturing brand based in the U.S.A to develop groundbreaking products that meet evolving consumer values everywhere.
  • Our plant-based protein extracts all the amazing strength Mother Nature has given us.
  • Top of the line meal and work out plans at your disposal to help get you back to being your best!

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