Probiotics are helpful bacteria found in meals or supplements, whereas prebiotics are fibers that feed friendly bacteria already present in the digestive tract. The FOS Prebiotic in these Pearl supplements essentially aids the beneficial bacteria that your digestive tract needs to function optimally, giving you balanced protection and comfort.Did you know that there are microorganisms in your stomach that are good for you? Yes, it is correct! The gut microbiota hasseveral essential functions, including crowding out harmful bacteria, boosting mineral absorption, and enhancing general health. One of the key components in this supplement is bifidobacterium, which is one of the primary genera of bacteria that make up the GI tract.

These pills are intended to relieve bloating and gas discomfort while also helping to avoid future issues. Furthermore, because these pearls are meant to give time-released comfort, you can take one in the morning and enjoy comfort all day.

  • Our probiotics are unique because this design's distribution method works in a way that no other can.


  • Probiotics for people of all ages, so that everyone can have a healthy digestive system and, as a result, a healthy body.


  • On your quest for a healthy lifestyle, deliver excellent, honest supplements.

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